The Team

Dr. Jaap Koot, MD MBA

representing Interaction in Health, will act as project coordinator. He is a medical doctor specialised in public health and management. He has many years of experience in project management, in several projects of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As consultant he is involved in health projects in several countries. He is specialist in developing organisational structures, quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes.

In Eastern Europe, he has coordinated the Matra projects improvement of patients' rights and quality systems in health in Slovakia , revision of regulations OS&H in Bulgaria and revision of Occupational Safety and Health in Poland.

Dr. Arjana Tambic Andrasevic,PhD

representing the Reference Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance, Zagreb, Croatia

Dr.Davor Plavec, PhD

local project coordinator, Zagreb, Croatia

Dr. Maja Vucetic MD MPH

is a medical doctor ( University of Zagreb ), specialised both in public health ( University of Zagreb ) and family medicine ( University of Amsterdam ). She will concentrate on guideline formulation and introduction.

She worked as a programme officer for UNICEF in Zagreb (1991-1993). She was responsible for the following programmes: essential drug supply, vaccination and breastfeeding. She acted as the liaison officer with the Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and different national and international organisations.

Currently she works as a general practitioner in Amsterdam . Her special interest is in development of standard procedures and protocols for general practitioners. She is active in the development of rational drug use for general practitioners in her district.


prof. Dr. Martin Rusnak , M.D. CSc.,

Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health and Social Work, Trnava University , will work in the organisational set-up of the ICM and the formulation of guidelines. He is a medical doctor experienced in public health, health systems research, health and medical informatics, statistics, modelling, project management, computer applications, hospital and national information systems. He has been involved in projects on severe brain trauma management in 8 countries of the EU, 2 US AID projects in Slovakia, Open Society Institute in U.S., Regional Projects in Central and Eastern Europe and Newly Independent States, Albert Schweitzer Institute for the Humanities. He has also done consultancies for the WHO in Geneva and HEDEC, Finland . He is principal researcher in multinational and multicentric EU 5 th Framework Program as well as in several smaller scale studies and projects in Austria .

He has collaborated in two other Matra projects in Slovakia on improvement of patients' rights and on development of quality systems in health.


Prof. Vladimir Krcmery, MD, DSc, FRCP, FACP

will concentrate on the ICM formation and guideline development. He is a medical doctor board certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology, Infect. Diseases, FRCP Edinburgh. He has been involved in projects on antibiotic policies in Europe as chief advisor for antibiotic policy of the Ministry of Health Slovak Republic - ESGARS (Verona) ESGNI (Madrid) - European Surveillance of Nosocomial Infections; Antifungal therapy - introduction of novel antimicrobials for invasive fungal infections within the EORTC IFICC group (Brussels) EORTC; Risk factors and epidemiology of fungaemia - International Collaborative Study (Brussels) EORTC; Pharmacoeconomics of antimicrobial use (PECO International project) Brussels; WHO project of studies of antibiotic resistance INSPEAR as well as COPERNICUS - ESIC project on antibiotic resistance in Europe.

Among other professional positions he is a member of Editorial Board International Journal of Infectious Diseases, New York 1996, he serves as the Chief Editor - Anti-infective Drugs and Chemotherapy , and the member of Working party of European Society of Biomodulation and Chemotherapy on Antimicrobial resistance, as well as ESCMID - member of committee of ESGNI and ESGAP. His present position is the Professor and Dean, School of Health and Social Work, University of Trnava , Slovak Republic .


Dr. Anna Liskova, MD PhD

will work on the surveillance, especially laboratory work. She is Head of Institute of Clinical Microbiology of the Faculty Hospital in Nitra , Slovakia . She is a teacher at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Public Health of Trnava University, Slovakia. She is expert in medical microbiology and laboratory sciences. She is member of International Society for Infectious Diseases, Member of Committee Slovak Society for Clinical Microbiology, Member of ESCMID.

She participated in clinical microbiology investigations, in antimicrobial surveillance resistance in nosocomial bacterial strains (European Study Group on Nosocomial Infection). She was Investigator for ESAR (European Surveillance of Antibiotic Resistance), and still is working with ARPAC. She coordinates the surveillance of EARSS (European Antibiotic Resistance System) in Slovakia .


Prof. Jos van der Meer, MD PhD

will concentrate on the coordination mechanism. He is Professor of Internal Medicine and Chairman of the Division of General Internal Medicine at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre. He is member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. From May 2005 onward he serves as the chairman of the Department of Natural Sciences of the Academy. He is expert in the area of infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases with fever.

Antibiotic policy, in the context of globally increasing resistance has his special attention. He is f ormer president of the Infectious Diseases Society of the Netherlands (Co)founder of SWAB; First chairman of SWAB (Dutch Working party on Antibiotic Policy); Cofounder of ESGAP; First chairman of ESGAP (European Study Group on Antibiotic Policy) , Member of scientific board of APUA (Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics).

He is member of ESMID, the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. In the ESCMID he is member of the ARPAC steering committee, which develops a European policy on antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial policy. He has many years of experience in European collaboration for fighting antimicrobial resistance.


Dr. Heather Houlihan, PharmD

representing IDA Solutions will act as specialist in surveillance of antimicrobials use and guideline development for rational drug prescription. She is a pharmacist specialised in public health and access to and rational use of essential medicines. As a consultant she has worked with the World Health Organization on the preparation of their Global Strategy for Containment of Antimicrobial Resistance. She has performed clinical and laboratory research on resistance bacteria and published results in peer reviewed journals. Dr Houlihan has provided training and in service guidance on antimicrobial utilisation to pharmacy students and medical doctors.


Dr. Johan de Koning MPH PhD

will work on the monitoring systems. He is a quality of care researcher, with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in related field and a Master degree in public health. Next to his 5 years experiences as a quality of care researcher, studying the quality of care in cardiovascular disease prevention by general practitioners in the Netherlands , he worked for many years in Southern Africa ( Transkei , Malawi , Kenya and Somalia ), Suriname , Trinidad and Tobago , and the Commonwealth Caribbean. He has extensive experiences in health project management and development. Recently, he worked as a senior advisor for the Dutch Institute of Healthcare Improvement CBO, involved in guideline development and medical audit.

He collaborated in the health quality systems project in Slovakia .


Ms. Anna Grgurevic

will work as local project assistant. She has a Master's diploma in food technology, with specialty in microbiology. She has experience with laboratory technology and is knowledgably in the area. She is Croatian, and lives in Zagreb . She will be responsible for liaising between consultants and the Croatian counterparts.


Updated November 5, 2006